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Take Back the House 2018

Take Back the House 2018


2019-2020 priorities:

1.  Keep the House: Protect the Seven CA House Seats We Won 

2.  End Gerrymandering: Support Key State Gov & Leg. Races Important to Redistricting 

3.  Win the Senate: Flip/Hold 5-8 Senate Seats 

In 2018, cleantech party helped flip SEVEN california house seats

Cleantech party raised $500,000 and mobilized hundreds of volunteers to support 10 swing districts, helping flip 7 from climate deniers.

CA-4: Jessica Morse

CA-10: Josh Harder 

CA-21: TJ Cox

CA-22: Andrew Janz

CA-25: Katie Hill

CA-39: Gil Cisneros

CA-45: Katie Porter

CA-48: Harley Rouda

CA-49: Mike Levin

CA-50: Ammar Campa Najjar