It is time that we come together and actively work towards electing Cleantech Leaders who will give voice to our priorities: more clean energy, more investment in cleantech, protection of our public lands and resources, and leadership on global climate policy.

Who we are

We are a group of clean energy and technology professionals and advocates who have built a community of political activists focusd on advancing clean energy policy and clean tech businesses through political engagement.


During the 2016 presidential campaign, we launched the Cleantech Party and raised $125,000 from over 1,100 individual donors across more than a dozen events around the country.


Since 2017, our goal has been to grow our movement through engagement in elections across the country. We have been raising funds and driving grass-roots engagement to ensure that leaders are elected to State Legislatures, Governors Mansions and Congress who will take action to support clean energy and take action on climate change. In 2017, we raised $8,000 for Rob Quist running in a special election for Montana’s US House Seat and just a few months later raised over $240,000 with NextGen America to support a slate of amazing cleantech candidates running for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and the Virginia House of Delegates.  

We’re thrilled that this year we worked to raise over $400,000 to help Democrats in California take back the House of Representatives.


Events: we are the Cleantech Party for a reason. Our 'Cleantech Parties'  bring together the cleantech community to raise money for leaders who are running for political office in places where they can move the needle for clean energy and find ways to lead on climate change - while also having a kick-ass time. Music, great venues and all your closest, coolest cleantech colleagues.

Grassroots Engagement: when we find candidates who are particularly awesome on issues like renewable portfolio standards, cap-and-trade, or electric vehicles, we mobilize our community to knock-on doors, make phone calls and provide policy though leadership. 

Advocacy: our community is made up of some of the smartest energy and climate thinkers out there. Because not all good candidates know as much about cleantech as they should, we advocate and educate leaders to help them to become even more effective on critical clean energy and climate policy.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for a list of events across the country supporting cleantech candidates running at the national, state and local levels. 


about us

We're bringing together like minded people seeking to focus the political debate on the issues that we care most about.


Join Us

We're looking for catalysts + organizers who can serve as advisors and help us organize events in a number of cities.